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Gallipoli 2005
Gallipoli 2005
As usual, you'll say, she went to Gallipoli in Puglia. Yes, that's true... but why shouldn't I? Sea is crystal, people are awesome, and we have the house there. Gimme one reason I shouldn't preach this place for ;) Here there are the pictures of the holidays we had there from 18th of August till September started, but NOT the pics of Elli and Luca's Batchelor Party (together!) and marriage, that will have an album on their own ;) So, follow me again in this beautiful corner of Paradise... you can't have enough of it!
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this year, Orni and Sara went with us... 
and I am truly happy we shared time together. It has been funny and pleasant :) although at first, they had some trouble with their hotel.... ;)